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Significant advancements in engine design are desired for future vehicles. Yet, two problems persist: efficient combustion and user friendliness. This includes considerations of vibration, vehicle handling, fuel availability, mean piston speed, endurance, engine lubrication, crankshaft torque, and system simplicity and reliability. This disclosure describes an innovative 4 stroke engine that simultaneously provides reliability, efficiency, and low emissions in a single design.

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Enduro 2 was born from the idea of combining MTB and Enduro motorcycle in a single product. Its design is made up of a combination of shapes that embody its roots: an agile and light frame in exposed carbon fiber is inserted into a CNC-engineered Ergal engine, derived from motorcycling. The union of the two materials has synergistically merged into a new innovative form. The front of the bike seeks a sinuous and soft line, which integrates the electrical components inside, while the rear recalls technicality and strength.

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Aima E390

Xiaoai E390 is a high-value electric car designed for the fashionable travel of modern young people. It adopts a body design of plastic splicing structure without exposed screws. The overall appearance is light and smart, and the lines are delicate and soft. In addition, there are designs such as integrated large-screen instrumentation and front and rear hydraulic fork design to bring users a comfortable driving experience. And the opposed dual cylinder front disc brake system ensures the safety of users when driving.

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With its woom Now, the Austrian manufacturer of bikes for children and teens is launching an urban lifestyle bike that is as eye-catching as it is unique: the new woom is a lightweight and fully loaded bike with a new take on frame architecture and packed with special features. In a nod to the world of bike messengers, the woom Now combines an integrated front rack with a small front wheel. This feature is not only stylish but also makes for a safe and stable ride when carrying loads.

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Race Eleven

The Race Eleven is a unique electric folding scooter which combines design and style of Red Bull Racing cars with the knowledge in the electric mobility world. With outstanding design, battery and motor, it grants high performances for daily commute, city ride or off-roading. It features great suspensions and sturdy wheels, ensuring durability, power and comfort. With specialized technology, this Red Bull Racing electric scooter can be completely folded to be carried anywhere.

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As a light-weighted field utility scooter for teenagers, it outshines conventional gasoline off-road vehicles in security and lightness. Its whole weight is 48 kg, and the battery module weighs 6 kg, which can be replaced in two minutes. Its three-gear speed mode and complex gear shift structure avoid misoperation and enhance driving safety, facilitating the acquisition of driving skills.

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